Master's in Tax Law

The Free University Amsterdam offers you the opportunity to obtain a full Master’s in Tax Law in just one year (the programme runs from September to the end of August). This Master’s is designed for students who have completed a Bachelor’s in Civil Law or Economics and now want to specialise in tax law.

The Tax Law Master’s focuses primarily on the tax legislation and regulations that matter most to businesses. Students on this programme can choose to specialise in Direct Taxation or Indirect Taxation.

The Direct Taxation specialisation concentrates on profit taxes, such as corporation and income tax, and European and international tax law on company profits, while the Indirect Taxation specialisation focuses on turnover tax and import and excise duties.

Classical tax law programmes focus exclusively on tax law professions. The Free University Amsterdam Master’s in Tax Law, by contrast, allows students with a Bachelor’s in Law to qualify for the traditional legal professions, as well as training them to work as tax professionals. That means they can work as lawyers, tax attorneys or in the judicial service, as well as being qualified to work as tax inspectors or tax advisers for national and multinational companies.