Welcome to the Tax Law department at the Free University Amsterdam’s Faculty of Law. You can find more information about the faculty on http://www.rechten.vu.nl/.

The Free University Amsterdam is one of the few Dutch universities to offer a one-year tax law programme. The programme’s graduates are eligible to join the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers. Unlike other tax law programmes, the Free University Amsterdam programme offers all the tax law subjects in the final year (i.e. the Master’s year). This means you can wait until your third year before choosing the field you want to specialise in. That way, you can combine a broad-ranging programme (a Bachelor’s in Law or Economics) with a tax specialisation in your Master’s year. As well as working as tax professionals, students with a Bachelor’s in Civil Law who complete a Free University Amsterdam Master’s in Tax Law can also go on to work in the traditional legal professions (as attorneys, barristers or in the judicial service, for example).

You can find more information on the Master’s in Tax Law here.